Withdrawal from the contract within 14 days. Can I return the goods without giving a reason?
Of course. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1837 of the Civil Code, the customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract after taking over the consignment within 14 days. The withdrawal form can be found by each customer in the Expedition Email when ordering. However, failure to accept the shipment is not a withdrawal from the contract within 14 days.

How do I receive the purchased goods?
We send goods to customers directly via a delivery company throughout the EU or to Dispensing Points. Before delivery of the goods, each customer will receive a dispatch message to the specified E-mail and then a message (E-mail and SMS) from the delivery service with the delivery date, including contact to the employee, where the delivery time can be changed by agreement.

Do I need to be a registered customer to buy?
You don't have to. In our E-shops, orders can be placed as an UNREGISTERED or as a REGISTERED customer.

How do I find out the status of my order?
If the customer is registered, the status of the order can be easily found in the customer administration. If the customer is not registered, he can ask about the status of the order by phone or e-mail, see Contacts.

What does the "Retry Last Order" button mean?
If the customer makes use of this option, the system will automatically repeat the last order and offer a final recap for reconciliation and shipping. (Only for registered customers).

How do I know that I can pick up the order?
Upon personal collection or collection at the Dispensing Point, the customer will automatically receive an SMS and E-mail message that the order is ready for collection.

I can not pick up the order, is it possible to prolong the reservation of the order?
The reservation of goods for an order for a longer collection period can be extended. In this case, please contact us, see Contacts with this request.

How do I file a complaint?
As each order undergoes a thorough inspection of the goods and the shipment is monitored by a camera system only after loading by the courier service, 99.99% of the damage occurs during transport. In this case, the customer must, according to the Business Conditions, claim damage to the consignment during transport with the delivery service (for the fastest possible solution), see Complaints about damaged shipments.

Where can I send the claimed goods?
If there is a complaint about defective goods (especially this can happen with electrical appliances), the customer must send or deliver defective goods to our store according to the Business Conditions, see Contacts.

What do I have to add to the complaint?
For a successful complaint, the customer must deliver defective goods and a proof of purchase.

How long will you handle the complaint?
Despite our efforts to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, we sometimes have to have the defective goods assessed by the manufacturer. In practice, the complaint lasts 14 days, but according to the legal deadline set by the Civil Code may last up to 30 days from the handover of the claimed goods.

Is it possible to speed up the complaint?
Unfortunately, complaints, especially for goods that must be sent for review by the manufacturer, can not be accelerated.



A VAT-free invoice for export is not issued automatically. You can purchase without VAT for export to the EU (according to the Act of the Czech Republic of April 1, 2004 No. 235/2004 Coll. on VAT) by following the rules an regulations below:

1. register in the Eshop.

2. send a request for invoicing without VAT to the e-mail: info@orfeocoffee.co.uk, together with a copy of the certificate proving the company's registration with the relevant tax office.

The supplier is responsible for checking the validity of the tax identification number and verifying that this information can be processed by the customer.

3. after verification of your VAT identification number in the VIES system and confirmation (by e-mail), an invoice without VAT will be issued for your registration.

4. invoicing without VAT shall only apply to approved registrations and future orders.

5. after logging in to the Eshop, the price without VAT will be invoiced in the last step of the order.

6. payment methods:

Payment by card or online bank transfer - the invoiced amount is already without VAT.

Payment by bank transfer in advance - The payment request is without VAT.

7. for VAT payers only.

8. issued invoices cannot be changed.

9. we do not refund value added tax.

10. we only ship goods to the EU country where the invoice was issued.